For The Love of Chaos

For The Love of Chaos

Come hang out with Andi as she discusses all things related to motherhood. Get ready for lots of laughs and real life! Andi is a mom to 6 wild kiddos (2 sets of twins) and 2 singletons. Juggling jobs, kids, marriage, life, and laundry is never boring in the Harper house!

Recent Episodes

The Summer of Mama Truths (and lots of random stories)

June 12, 2021

Join Andi and Cody as they catch up on the craziness at the Harper house! From a car wrecking into their house by a 5 year old and a flooded bathroom from a bidet, life with kids is never boring.

Our Fertility Journey ( Part 1)

May 5, 2021

This episode covers a little peek into our lives and our journey to become parents. IVF is a hard, emotional, expensive road...but it's so worth it! We have 6 sweet, healthy kiddos thanks to lots of prayer and modern scienc…

I'm Feeling 32...or Whatever Taylor Swift said...

April 27, 2021

Just random talk about life and things we wish we'd known in our 20's and plans we have for our next 20 years.

The Business of Being Busy

April 13, 2021

It's Springtime and if you are a parent of a kid who plays sports, you know our true busy season is starting up, yall! I have a few simple easy tips. ok...just 3 that may help yall like it has helped me! I also discuss mom …

Bedtime Blues

April 6, 2021

Do you struggle with your kids having a good bedtime routine? Are they constantly waking or asking for more water or another tv show to watch? Listen to this special episode as we help you navigate these times. Just kiddi…

Ditching the To-Do List

April 1, 2021

When people ask me how I do it all. I have one short answer..."I don't." Too many times as mommas, we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by the unending tasks. Anxiety and depression is triggered when we feel like we ca…

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Surviving Little Boys

        Every morning after sending H and P off to school, I got about 7.3 seconds to brew my coffee and hit my knees in prayer. &nbs…